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A little about me…

I’m PJ Chermak, a NASM certified Personal Trainer based in San Diego with an extensive background in athletics, having dedicated my upbringing to competitive soccer. I ultimately played at the Division 1 level, and in tournaments around the world for various soccer teams. My approach to personal training is directly influenced by my innate athlete mindset – encouraging clients to push performance in a safe manner, while keeping morale and motivation high.

In order to drive effective fitness training, I focus my programs on functional training, which builds increased flexibility and stability by teaching the body to operate as one unit. The achieved results culminate in enhanced range of motion and strength, allowing everyday movements to become more effective. This foundation sets you up for success and creates unlimited potential.

My client list reflects diversity in age, physical ability, background and experience, so every training program is catered specifically to each individual. I strive to provide a truly personalized experience paired with the right amount of push to achieve greatness.

When we work together, I like to consider us a team. I’m here to help support you in reaching your fitness goals, however big or small.